Canadian Traders

God Bless Canada



Well here it is the trader list.  The source for all music trading in Canada.  If anyone has anything

or anyone that they would like me to add contact me.   And for your convenience you can

download the Excel version so that you can keep it on your computers for easy access.

Big thanks to Alexa Thorp for compiling all of this info. 


Canadian Traders Database
Alexa Thorp Ottawa, ON aathorp
Amanda Stewart Toronto, ON n/a 2STeP_PReP
Angie Brazeau Hamilton, ON n/a angie#41
Brad Gilliss New Brunswick
Brian La Belle Hamilton, ON n/a SAITcoach
Chad Francis Ottawa, ON cfrancis
Corissa Reid Calgary, AB
Danny Daye Halifax, NS n/a dissident181
Dave Noon Vancouver BC n/a
Dave Prang Brantford, ON Canada5_US2
Dennis Boudreau Halifax, NS davesguitar
Don Borders London ON dmbcdn
Garrett Shous
Harold Roscoe Rossland, BC redski
John Lam Cornwall, ON antsmarchin
Joseph Baring Toronto ON n/a JoeB
Kelli Wood Hamilton/Waterloo n/a Luna
Kevin McFaul Ottawa/Laurier kraziekidd
Kyle Macdonald Sydney NS n/a DMBcapebreton, kylemacdonald37, caper-kyle
Martha Toronto, ON n/a angie #41
Melissa Martin Toronto/Waterloo n/a Meli-Melo
Michael Rapps Montreal, QC bagman
Nancy Vancouver BC n/a smidge
Nathan Ewen Toronto, ON n/a pacifistmlg
Nicole Smith Toronto, ON rapunzelgrey nicole_s
Phil Bourque Fredricton NB n/a Salty
Randy Dimitrukowich Edmonton, AB n/a cheemo
Rob Leger Ottawa, ON debob
Roy Blythe
Ryan Lizotte St. John NB/Kingston n/a trippinbillyrmc
Susan Finley Beamsville, ON suefin